E13 Typ BE13 Type BE13 B型 内置过压安全系统(BAM™)Серия E13, тип B металлический корпус, с BAM™
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E13 Type B Metal can with BAM™

E13 Type B Metal can with BAM™
E13 Type B Metal can with BAM™

AC Capacitors for Series Compensation

A magnetic ballast can be over-corrected by a series-connected capacitor, in such a way that the capacitive reactive power of the capacitor can cover the inductive reactive power created by two magnetic ballasts. It should be noted that the series resonance between capacitor and ballast causes a voltage rise above rated mains voltage within the capacitive part of the circuit. The advantage of this dual connection lies in the elimination of flickering effects of the emitted light. In networks with audio-frequency signals above 250 Hz this kind of connection is often required by the energy supplier.
Our lighting capacitors for series connection are rated for continuous operation at 480V rms and specially designed for operation at ambient temperatures of up to 100°C. The capacitor windings within the hermetically sealed can are immersed in a special insulating oil that also protects them from humidity.
Available up to 9.6µF 480V rms. Approved by VDE as "Type B" acc. to IEC/EN61048 and IEC/EN61049.

Plant oil, oil-filledSelf-healingOverpressure protectionENEC-VDEGOST
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