Thursday, 06. July 2017

MoLIE Capacitor Stacks

New IGBT’s need new approaches. Our new combination of low-inductance capacitors with optimized bus bar offers the answer.

MoLIE4. The E61 capacitors can be fixed directly to the bus bar through their 4 robust M6 terminals.

Small and medium size enterprises often welcome the opportunity to test new converter configurations without having to spend high initial investment into tools for a new bus bar. ELECTRONICON has teamed up with IDEALEC offering extendable building blocks for single or three phase setups. MoLIE helps to try out and realize new ideas faster, giving the flexibility for current and future projects.

Both MoLIE6 and the slim MoLIE4 are equipped with low-inductance capacitors of ELECTRONICON’s E61 series. Total stray inductance does not exceed 9 nH per module and can go as low as 5 … 6 nH, depending on the configuration of capacitance and rated voltage. The universal layout allows for connection of the capacitors from above or below. The E61-capacitors are mounted directly onto the bus bar with their robust M6 terminals and do not require any additional fixation.
In addition to that, extension is possible by the connection of a second row of modules.

Our modules match the terminals of the latest IGBT generation by leading manufacturers such as ABB’s LinPak, HITACHI’s nHPD2 and Mitsubishi’s HVIGBT. Of course, other custom-designed assemblies can be made available on request.