Tuesday, 22. January 2019

Now available: PFR-X+, the new generation of power factor controllers

In today’s world, filled with so many electronic and automatic equipment, with plug-and-play functions in all segments of our life, you would expect a power factor regulator monitoring your electrical load and controlling the power factor all by itself, with very little demand for complicated time-consuming manual settings.

Our new generation of regulators available since January 2019, has been designed exactly this way. It needs to know nothing but your voltage rating. Enter it, and the regulator will start operating. Even if you wish to customize certain values, it will guide you through the setup.

Here are some of the other new features:

  • The Modbus function as an option will no longer come as a backpack module; it is integrated directly into the controller.
  • If you do not require operating a fan, you may use the separate fan control output as an additional 7th (or 13th) capacitor step instead.
  • Through an additional digital input you can switch between two different target cos phi.
  • The storage capacity has increased significantly, so you can read out much more information about the operating history.

Our sales teams will be happy to provide you with further details on technical features, availability and prices.
(please find further information in our catalogues "Key Components for Power Factor Correction 50 Hz" and "Key Components for Power Factor Correction 60 Hz")