Thursday, 05. December 2013 15:37 Age: 4 Jahr(e)

Extension of the Data Matrix Code on ELECTRONICON Capacitors

New matrix code contains individual reference to part-no, test and manufacturing batch

From 1st December 2013 onwards, standard newly manufactured ELECTRONICON capacitors of the PFC and Power Electronics ranges which are routine-checked on test rigs with integrated labeling facilities are being provided with a modified data matrix code.

The extended matrix code is composed in the DATAMATRIX  ECC 200 standard and can be scanned and utilized by the user as well. It allows for complete product traceability by means of biunique identification of
(1)    the test results (9…12 digit test ID)
(2)    the manufacturing batch (9 digit production order no.)
(3)    the product code (12…18 digit ELECTRONICON product code without “.” and “-“)

In particular, the following parts are affected by this change:
(1)    all capacitors from series 275…280 except terminal design “D”
(2)    all capacitors from series E50, E53, E55
(3)    all sticker-labelled capacitors from series E62, E63 and E65
(4)    parts of the E51 and E54 series

We are convinced that this extension enhances the safety of our processes and is in the best interest of our customers. This modification does not refer to capacitors with bespoke labeling.