Wednesday, 21. June 2017


With more than 25% of additional floor, the Hermsdorf factory now has gained substantial space for the assembly and technological buffer storage of our large traction and HVDC capacitors.

Upon receiving simultaneously several orders for HVDC and Statcom projects, it became clear that our production site in Gera-Hermsdorf would need additional space. The cabin of the welding robot needs to be moved from its present position in order to re-arrange the assembly stations and make space available for two additional vacuum drying chambers. There will now also be a substantial plus in area for technological buffer storage: after having been filled with resin, capacitors need to rest several hours for the resin to solidify. With the current number of large capacitors, this turned into a plain space problem.

The construction is part of our extension program. Production in the extended areas is expected to commence in July.