Components for Power Factor CorrectionComponents for Power Factor Correction

Single and Three-phase Power Capacitors

From standard reactive power compensation to ultra-heavy duty harmonic filtering: we have the special rating and design for you.

  • 275 MKPg gas filled
  • E62-3ph AC Filter
  • 276 MKP(D) oil filled
  • 280 MKP UHD oil filled

Detuned Reactors

Less and less capacitor banks nowadays can do without reactor protection. Our reactors are optimized for low power losses and high linearity, to keep operating cost as low as possible.

  • FK-Dr Cu/Alu

Discharge Reactors

There are various ways of discharging a capacitor. Discharge reactors offer the fastest discharge with minimized power losses.

  • EL-Dr Discharge Reactor

Thyristor Switches

Thyristor switches made by our German sister company SYSTEM ELECTRIC. The intelligent switch allows for immediate response to rapidly changing reactive loads, with no harm to the capacitors.

  • Thyristor Switch

Automatic Power Factor Controllers

The brain of your capacitor bank is as important as the capacitors themselves. We make the scope of our offer perfect with models by two of Germany‘s finest manufacturers.

  • CR2020/CR2020D
  • PFR-X+

Capacitor Banks and Modules

The inventors of modular power factor correction. We supply the components, they do the solution. Check out the program of our sister company SYSTEM ELECTRIC.

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