DC Capacitors for Power ElectronicsDC Capacitors for Power Electronics

Excellence has a name: PK16™

They power the DC links of the world‘s leading converter makers: our low-loss DC capacitors with high energy-density and low inductance.

  • PK16

It does not have to be a cylinder

Box-type DC capacitors with large capacitance and heavy current ratings, in robust and vibration-proof housings, custom-tailored to match your individual requirements.

  • E56

Universal AC/DC capacitors with internal safety device

As a rule, AC capacitors should be protected by an autonomous safety device. We have been doing that for over 70 years and know how to make sure it works: our break-action mechanism (BAM).

  • E62

Real „85/85“ in a new look: GA85

With a lower temperature limit of up to -50°C and complete hermetical sealing, our new patented E66 series GA85 will be very interesting for applications in harsh operating environment.

  • GA85

PK16‘s "little sister": E61

Can we go smaller ? Yes, we can!
Based on our know-how gained with PK16™, these pin-mounted capacitors do the same job on your PCB: providing for amazing currents – given their size.

  • E61

DC capacitors with integrated safety device

When safety of operation – and a safe failure mode – are the most important criterion. Our E63 DC capacitors contain an autonomous disconnection device, known as break-action mechanism (BAM).

  • E63

Low-inductance AC/DC capacitors

For AC applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents which require short current paths and strong terminals.

  • E53/E55

E50.U SR17

There’s no „no more“.
The future proof retrofit for old traction capacitors in MP technique.

  • E50.U SR17™ DC