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E53/E55 AC/DC

E53 AC/DC capacitor
E53 AC/DC capacitor

All in one: High rms and surge current AND low self-inductance

E53 and E55 capacitors have a particularly low series resistance and high pulse strength. Using sophisticated metallizing patterns, our SINECUT slitting technology and clever winding geometries, they are especially suited for the damping of GTO thyristors and low-inductance buffer circuits with high rms currents. Along with their very good ratio of capacitance to volume, these components do also have very good self-healing characteristics without loss of capacitance.
Their very low self-inductance makes them suitable for use in high-current applications with medium frequencies.

The capacitors of the E53 product family are housed in flame-retardant plastic cans (V0) and filled with solid resin. Special care has been taken both in terms of design and conservative electrical rating to ensure reliable operation even under tough environmental conditions.
Connection is usually made through robust axial terminals with internal thread.

The capacitors of our E55 series, which are very similar in design and electrical features, have been optimised particularly for large capacitances at high operating voltages.

The E53H-range is based on the same construction and technology principles but allows for radial connection through robust studs with M8 thread; it has two brackets at the base of the can which make for convenient mounting.

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