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E63 DC

E63 DC capacitor with G1 design
E63 DC capacitor with CR design
E63 DC capacitor with D1 design

DC capacitors with integrated safety mechanism

The special kind of films and coating patterns used in our oil-filled E63-capacitors give them a high specific ratio of capacitance to volume and makes them extremely overvoltage proof. Very good self-healing characteristics and the integrated overpressure protection (" BAM ") ensure safe operation and controlled disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of operating life. Hence the E63s are interesting particularly for applications with high AC ripple currents, e.g. as smoothing or supporting capacitors in buffer storage circuits, in sensitive environment with high safety requirements.

Note that the presence of an overpressure mechanism adds substantially to the self-inductance of the capacitor, and limits the surge current rating. If self-inductance and surge current are important issues, then our E50 or E53 ranges may be considered as a more adequate option.

Plant oil, oil-filledSelf-healingOverpressure protectionLiquid fillingHigh rms current capabilitySurge currents, current surges