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E66 Design W1
E66 Design W2

For applications in harsh operating environment

In extreme operating environments, capacitors require a hermetical casing in order to operate safely and without processes of chemical corrosion caused by external humidity and other atmospheric factors. This would result in deterioration of the metal coating, decrease of capacitance as well as rise of loss factor and as a consequence failure of the capacitor.

With a lower temperature limit of up to -50°C and complete hermetical sealing, our new patented E66 series (GA85) will be very interesting for applications in harsh operating environment. Filled with neutral insulation gas, these capacitors are environmentally friendly, can be mounted in any Position and have up to 20% less weight than their equivalents with resin filling.

All capacitors in this design are rated climatic class C: they will not just survive the show of a „85/85“-test (85%RH at 85°C), but can sustain occasional 100% of relative humidity and 95% as annual means, even at high ambient temperatures, condensation being permitted on these capacitors as well.

The new capacitors have a diameter of 116 or 136 mm and can be as tall as 355 mm. By its electrical features, GA85 is very similar to our renowned PK16 range. Self-inductance and series resistance are on similar levels, the rms current rating can go as high as 120A per unit.

The robust M6 terminals (13mm studs or 10 mm internal thread) of design W are locked against excessive torque. Mechanical fixation can be arranged by the M12x16 mounting stud.

And the best news for customers who pay Special attention to low partial discharge levels in the case insulation: the PD-strength of the GA85 design supercedes the classical PK16 range by factor two.

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