Components for Power Factor CorrectionComponents for Power Factor Correction

Single and Three-phase Power Capacitors

277 MKPc gas filled

277 MKPg gas filled

MKPc capacitor
CAPAGRIP terminal

MKPc™ with original CAPAGRIP™-terminal: the economic option

The slim-line capacitors of our MKPc™-capacitors are well-suited for your standard applications in power factor correction and form a worthy add-on to our heavy duty ranges of MKPg™ and MKP. Following the excellent experience of our well proven MKPg™-capacitors, MKPc™ use basically the same parts and materials, special metallizing patterns and our SINECUT slitting technology. Likewise, the windings are immersed by neutral insulation gas.

The slim, tall design of the MKPc™ is optimized from a cost point of view. Nonetheless, the main technical features, eco-friendliness and operational safety are well within the requirements of all applicable power capacitor standards (namely, IEC60831, UL810 and CSA 22.2). All capacitors have a self-healing dielectric and are provided with an irreversible overpressure disconnector (break-action mechanism, " BAM ").

Safe and reliable connection is guaranteed by our original CAPAGRIP™ capacitor terminal in the sizes K and L.

Available in the range from 10 to 25kvar, for rated voltages of 400 to 440Vrms.

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