Thursday, 06. March 2014 15:54 Давность: 4 Jahr(e)

Probably the most compact ones you have seen

ELECTRONICON’s PFC range is now extended by a new line of cylindrical 50kvar units.

We’d had them 14 years ago already, but they were not that much in our focus then. Responding to persistent market demand our 50kvar power capacitors are back now, and in their 136 x 295mm case they are certainly amongst the most compact options you will find.

Available both as classical oil-filled MKP design, and in equal size as MKPg capacitor with Nitrogen filling, our 50 kvar units blend in nicely with the other capacitors of our standard ranges. The MKPg version can be mounted in any position, whilst for MKP, vertical mounting position is preferred.
The well-proven CAPAGRIP M terminal sits atop a triple BAM which disconnects all three phases in the event of overload or internal malfunction.

50 kvar units are now available for all voltage levels from 400 to 690V, both 50 and 60Hz, and since we don’t like compromises, all of them are rated temperature class D.

Come around to see them at Hanover fair, hall 13 booth E70.