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PKmind® (E80)


A minimum of self-inductance, amazing current capability given its size, with the lowest possible power losses – Pkmind® sets new standards for high-frequency applications.




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Even more compact, even less inductance

Future DC links will have to cope with significantly higher switching frequencies than before, and without interfering effects of their self-inductance. With just 7 nH, our E80 PKmind® achieves unprecedented values for a capacitor of such size. The self-resonant frequency is in the range of 70kHz and higher, and thanks to the innovative internal structure, the new capacitors of the E80 series remain free of further resonance points even well beyond 200 kHz. This avoids inductance-related problems with DC links even more sustainably now.

Our PKmind® is based on the same SecuMet™ metallisation with its high capacitance density and long-term stability, as known from our classic PK16. Even the external appearance is quite similar to PK16, sharing its mechanical advantages. The configuration of four robust screw terminals with M6×10 internal thread in cross arrangement uses our experience from the E67 and E61 series.

PKmind’s diameters of 85 and 100mm and its height of between 102 and 180mm are aimed at compact DC links combining several capacitor units. In such a configuration, the surface area of the aluminum cases provides ample opportunity for cooling. As with most of our traditional cylindrical capacitors, attachment is done via an M12 base screw.

In combination with its continuous current load capacity of up to 100A, this opens the door to a wide field of new ideas and opportunities.