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Fraud Alert

With the rapid development of IT technologies, cases of internet fraud using phishing and spoofing are increasing significantly.
Using these instruments, cybercriminals can inflict huge harm to companies or private persons.
The main goal of such attacks is to steal confidential information or to initiate a bank transfer by sending fake invoices, masking the sender as an absolutely different, well-known person.
Unfortunately, there is no effective way to protect from such attacks, and all internet users practically risk to swallow the bait.
Recently, we have become an object of such cyberattacks as well; among other things, faked invoices and payment reminders were sent abusing the address of ELECTRONICON.

What to do if you receive suspicious emails?

1. In any case do not comply with the requests in this letter!
2. Do not open attachments or links!
3. Check the email address of the sender!
4. Get in touch with your contact persons at ELECTRONICON by using your usual contacts to verify the received email!

Our team will always be glad to assist you. Only together we can withstand such tricks of cybercrime.