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SR17 (E50.U)

There’s no „no more“.

Future proof retrofit for old traction capacitors in MP technique.

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The dedicated retrofit for MP-traction-capacitors

The capacitors of our SR17™ series were developed especially for the maintenance of older traction converters manufactured in the 1970s?1990s. By consequent development of our well-proven MKP-technologies, we managed to place self-healing DC-capacitors with very high energy density and stability of capacitance into can dimensions smaller than, or identical to, those of the traditional MP-capacitors (SIEMENS/EPCOS codes B25353), which makes them ideal drop-in replacements for maintenance and retrofit programmes. Moreover, the low-loss polypropylene dielectric permits a far higher AC ripple load than with the conventional MP-capacitors.
Our SR17™ are housed in a hermetical stainless steel cylinder. As opposed to the oil-filled MP-models, these are filled with an eco-friendly solid resin which does not only make them safe against leakage of liquids but also insensitive to the shocks and vibrations common in traction applications. The same applies to their robust plastic insulators.
As a result, the SR17TM is not only new, but far more reliable and less sensitive than the capacitor it replaces.