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Our protected AC capacitors are suitable for DC applications as well. Thanks to SecuMet™, we can go far beyond the AC peak value.

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In modern applications of power electronics, capacitors are among the most critical links in the chain of components when it comes to long operating life, safety and reliability of operation.

Decades of proprietary ELECTRONICON experience in metallizing capacitor films and designing high-end capacitors have created our very own Know-How, for instance in special metallizing patterns, our SINECUT slitting technology and optimized winding geometries. This enables us to design power capacitors with a high specific ratio of capacitance to volume, high AC-voltage load capacity and outstanding suitability for high rms and surge currents.

The cylindrical capacitors of our universal AC/DC series "E62" are perfect for non-sinusoidal voltages and pulsed currents. The low loss factor of our MKP dielectric compensates to a large extent for the losses caused by the non-sinusoidal voltages. Moreover, the SecuMet™ metallization also enables permanent loading with DC voltages which by far exceed the peak value of the nominal AC voltage.

The E62s are housed in a hermetically sealed aluminium can which is filled with environmentally friendly plant oil as standard; optionally many of them can also be made available with a filling of inert gas. The gas filling is not only environmentally friendly, but also permits mounting in any position, while the oil-filled capacitors should - for electrical as well as environmental considerations - always be mounted vertically.

The excellent self-healing characteristics of our film metallization and the autonomous overpressure protection (“BAM”) ensure safe operation and controlled disconnection in the event of overload or failure at the end of operating life.