Low Voltage PFC

Power capacitors, filter reactors, automatic controllers, magnetic or thyristor contactors?

Of course we got all that really matters in your PFC bank: 

Factory matched for operation in perfect harmony.

Medium Voltage PFC

World‘s first liquid-free MV capacitor, with self-healing dielectric.

And the matching reactors.
And even our surge suppression capacitors are dry!

This makes things different.

DC Capacitors for demanding Converters

Looking for the right choice to substitute your electrolytic capacitors?

Need large and powerful capacitance with heavy current and low induction ratings?

Just enter – everything is there.

Heavy Current AC Capacitors

They are filled with oil, gas or solid resin, they come with autonomous safety device if required, they range from a few microfarads to dozens of milifarad.

Our AC capacitors with SecuMet™ metallization  are famous for their durability and safe operation.

Install and forget.