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E70 AC

No Oil. Not the only thing to worry less about.

Dry-type resonating capacitors for 50/60Hz induction furnace equipment.

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Self-healing capacitors for your induction systems, without the risk of leakage

The custom-tailored capacitors of our E70 series are used mainly for the compensation of reactive power or as resonance capacitors in induction furnaces with operating frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz.

Stable round winding elements are interconnected in a hermetically sealed metal housing which is filled with solid resin. Unlike conventional ALLFILM capacitors, the capacitor elements of our E70 are made of metallized, self-healing film. In the event of a dielectric breakdown, the capacitance remains practically unchanged and the probability of a total failure of the entire capacitor is drastically reduced. The entire system is also protected by a pressure monitor, similar to the protection of our capacitors in the E59 and E90 series.

Available as customer-specific solutions in the voltage range up to 2.8 kV rms, with a reactive power of up to 500 kvar per unit.