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“我到底需要哪一款电容?” 为了确定适合您使用的电容,我们最清楚需要了解哪些数据。请您逐步回答表格中的问题。这样,我们都可以节省时间,并避免误解。

询价表 (available in english language only)


Please give the application a shortname for identification in our correspondence
Please briefly describe the application (e.g. "energy storage capacitor in voltage sourced converter", "DC link in traction converter", "filter capacitor in UPS", etc.). If we know which job the capacitor has to fulfill, then we know which standards apply, and which special conditions may be important.
Without such indication, we are unable to evaluate the priority of this enquiry and possible cost of tooling, adaptations, etc.
Based on your data, we shall suggest the most suitable shape and design. Please state if have certain preferences.
If you require several partial capacitances within one capacitor, separate each required value separated by "+". Please state positive and negative tolerances if our standard 10% is not acceptable, and explain why it is important.
If you have special wishes for the application, configuration, etc., you can upload a sketch or an equivalent circuit diagram here