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Power capacitors, filter reactors, automatic controllers, magnetic or thyristor contactors?

Of course we got all that really matters in your PFC bank: 

Factory matched for operation in perfect harmony.

Single and Three-phase Power Capacitors

MKPg 275

Lightweight and clean: Our gas-filled MKPg capacitors combine state-of-the-art design with environmentally sound technology. Now even more compact.

MKP 276

Seeking low-cost components for your PFC banks? Our answer is MKP 276. Single and three phase.


Capacitors in AC filters must be fit for severe current and voltage loads. Clever design minimises the power losses and thermal stress.

to control and to switch

Thyristor switch

Thyristor switches made by our German sister company SYSTEM ELECTRIC. The intelligent switch allows for immediate response to rapidly changing reactive loads, with no harm to the capacitors.

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Made by PFC Professionals for PFC Professionals. CR2020 analyses and controls, always focussing on the most important at that.


Good controllers do not have to be expensive – and yet they give you everything you really need.

Detuning and Discharging

Detuning reactors

Less and less capacitor banks nowadays can do without reactor protection. Our reactors are optimized for low power losses and high linearity, to keep operating cost as low as possible.

Discharge reactors

There are various ways of discharging a capacitor. Discharge reactors offer the fastest discharge with minimized power losses.


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