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MKP (276)

The low-cost option for small installations

Seeking low-cost components for your PFC banks? Our answer is MKP 276. Single and three phase.

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The winding elements in our MKP(D) capacitors are surrounded by poison-free vegetable oil. Like our premium ranges of MKPg and MKP, the MKP(D) combines the best possible technical features with eco-friendliness and operational safety, using special metallizing patterns, our SINECUT slitting technology and optimized winding geometries. Besides excellent ratio of capacitance to volume, our MKP(D) capacitors distinguish themselves by high AC-voltage load capacity and suitability for high rms and surge currents.

Our MKP(D) are available as single and three-phase capacitors and well-suited for all conventional applications in power factor correction. They have a self-healing dielectric and are provided with an irreversible overpressure disconnector (break-action mechanism, "BAM").

Connection is made through convenient standard 6.3mm tab connectors. Technical layout, testing and application accord to IEC60831 and UL810.

Available in the range from 0.67 to 12.5kvar, for rated voltages of up to 525V rms.