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E54 Defi


In defibrillators, capacitors have to store and release a very large amount of energy for a brief moment. Again and again and again.




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Reliable. Available. Whenever it really matters.

The service life of a surge discharge capacitor in a defibrillator is not measured in years, but in the number of possible charging and discharging cycles. That makes sense - after all, defibrillators only need a high energy burst for very short periods of time. The special metallization on the films of the E54-Defi series is a further evolution of our SecuMet™ coating, which has been tried and applied successfully for two decades. As a result, E54-Defi scores not only with above-average capacitance density but also with excellent self-healing behavior and maximum voltage load capacity. Again and again, without increased risk of failure. The lightweight plastic case eliminates the need for oil insulation against the housing. The dry resin filling also offers excellent protection against shock and vibration. It is optionally available with a base screw for easy mounting. Apart from tab connectors, flexible wires with suitable plugs can also be supplied as connections.