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E51 / E53 / E55

All in one.

Short current paths and strong terminals for applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents. And a simple but effective solution for high-voltage applications: even in the 50kV range, we can do without expensive ceramic insulators.

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All in one: High rms and surge current AND low self-inductance, for voltage ratings up to 50,000 V

E53 and E55 capacitors offer a particularly low series resistance and high pulse strength. Using sophisticated metallizing patterns, our SINECUT slitting technology and clever winding geometries, they are especially suited for the damping of GTO thyristors and low-inductance buffer circuits with high rms currents.

The special metallisation of the E53 capacitors makes it possible to use them with high AC voltages as well. Their very low self-inductance makes them suitable for use in high-current applications with medium frequencies. Along with their very good ratio of capacitance to volume, these components do have very good self-healing characteristics without loss of capacitance. The capacitors of our E55 series, which are very similar in design and electrical features, have been optimised particularly for large capacitances at high DC voltages.

Even the capacitors of the E51 series look very similar. Based on decades of special experience in metallizing capacitor films, ELECTRONICON has created a range of high voltage capacitors in self-healing technology. By clever internal design they can be laid out and rated in such manner that partial dielectric discharges and consequential risk of failures in the customer’s application are reduced to a minimum. Despite the high voltage rating, our E51 range is manufactured in dry technology and without expensive terminal bushings.

Along with their high specific ratio of capacitance to volume, they offer long-term stability and storability, as well as excellent self-healing without loss of capacitance.

The capacitor element inside the can of self-extinguishing plastic is encapsulated in PU resin. The electrical connection is made using robust axial terminal with female threads.