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The compact ones.

Low-inductance DC capacitors for applications of electric mobility.

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DC capacitors for applications of electric mobility

Our E57 range offers both standard solutions and special designs which meet the geometric and electrical requirements of your application. The connection is made via low-inductance copper lugs which, depending on your specification, can vary in number, size and position. The housing is made of plastic that is rated UL:V0; it contains compact and stable cylindric winding elements, connected in parallel for maximum current strength and minimal self-inductance. Flame retardancy and protection against environmental influence are ensured by the PU resin filling and a UL:V0-compliant cover resin. Our highly reliable SecuMet™ film guarantees proper self-healing even under extreme operating conditions. For example, E57 capacitors can be operated at ambient temperatures of up to 105°C and are suitable for applications in the automotive industry and other critical sectors.