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Energy Management based on ISO 50001

In 2015, we introduced a separate energy management system based on the provisions of ISO 50001, in order to continuously improve the energy performance of our company. By increasing our energy efficiency, we are not only aiming to reduce our production costs. As a manufacturer of capacitors for devices and systems for the "green" generation and transmission of energy as well as for environmentally friendly means of transport, it is a matter of course for us to contribute to the relief of our environment through optimized energy use.

Our internal processes are based on basic rules for energy saving. Regular training of our employees ensures transparency in dealing with energy costs and consumption and deals with relevant energy issues, such as energy-conscious driving and reducing the use of compressed air. Our continuous measures include the gradual conversion of the entire company to LED lighting as well as the use of electric vehicles for internal traffic and the modernization of compressors and the replacement of compressed air users by efficient electrical devices.