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When looking for the right capacitor, you can check our product database for items that already exist, send us a specific request with your application data, or browse through our catalogs in this section, the classic way. The catalogs, structured according to product families, provide all the information on the respective range and its possibilities. There are many roads that lead to Rome.

  • DC Capacitors

    E67, PK16, E80, E61

    • cylindrical shape, dry design (no liquids), very low self-inductance
    • DC voltage range: 500V...4000V
    • Capacitance: 100...7400µF
    • RMS current rating up to 120A

    Publication No.: 200.003-020030
    Edition: 04/2023
    Language: English/German

  • E57/E59/SR17

    Box-shaped capacitors for heavy currents and large capacitances

    • Steel, aluminum or plastic housing
    • dry design (no liquids)
    • reliable protection by pressure switch
    • DC voltage range: 500 ... 25,000 V
    • AC voltage range: 200 ... 17,000 V

    Publication No.: 200.003-020070
    Edition: 12/2022
    Language: English/German

  • E62 and E64

    AC capacitors for universal use with BAM protection
    metal can, cylindrical shape, oil-filled, internal safety mechanism

    • AC voltage range: 420Vac (300Vrms) ... 5000Vac (3500Vrms)
    • DC voltage range: 700V...5000V

    Publication No.: 200.003-020060
    Edition: 05/2022
    Language: English/German

  • E51/E53/E55

    low-inductance AC/DC capacitors for general use, especially for high operating voltages

    • plastic can, cylindrical shape, dry design (no liquids)
    • very low self-inductance
    • DC voltage range: 600V ... 50,000 V
    • AC voltage range: 280V ... 20,000 V

    Publication No.: 200.003-020080
    Edition: 04/2023
    Language: English/German

  • E62-3ph and 3HF

    Three phase Heavy Duty capacitors for filters and PFC

    • 640Vac (450Vrms) ... 1700Vac (1200Vrms)
    • oil filled

    Publication No.: 200.003-020051
    Edition: 05/2022
    Language: English/German

  • E63

    DC capacitors for universal use with BAM protection

    • metal can, cylindrical shape, oil-filled, internal safety mechanism
    • DC voltage range: 700 V ... 5000 V
    • Ripple-Voltage ratings: 200 V ... 700 V

    Publication No.: 200.003-020020
    Edition: 05/2023
    Language: English/German

  • E67 GA85 Mesis®

    Low-inductance DC link capacitors with Overpressure Protection

    • cylindrical shape, dry design (gas-filled), very lowest self-inductance
    • DC voltage range: 700V...4000V
    • Capacitance: 45...4000µF
    • RMS current rating up to 120A

    Publikationsnummer: 200.003-020100
    Edition: 12/2022
    Language: English/German

  • E80 PKmind®

    DC Link Capacitors with ultra-low self-inductance

    • cylindrical shape, no liquids, high capacitance density
    • DC voltage range: 900V... 1300V
    • Capacitance: 130...955µF
    • RMS current rating up to 100A

    Publikationsnummer: 200.003-020110
    Edition: 12/2022
    Language: English/German

  • ZVEI Guideline Partial Discharge Measurements

    PD measurements on capacitors are intended to detect potential defects in the insulation in order to prevent future failures, as partial discharges may weaken the insulation to the housing and within the dielectric.
    The procedures for PD measurements are described in various IEC standards. However, especially with regard to the testing of capacitors, there may be limitations and misinterpretations regarding the informative value of such tests. This common guideline by the capacitor manufacturers organized in the ZVEI intends to prevent such misunderstandings.