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They are filled with vegetable oil, nitrogen or solid resin, most of them have their own safety mechanism, their capacitance ranges from a few micro- to several dozen millifarads.
Our AC capacitors with SecuMet™ metallization are famous for their durability and safe operation.

Install and forget.

Cylindrical Capacitors with Overpressure Switch


Universal AC/DC capacitors with Internal Safety Device

As a rule, AC capacitors should be protected by an autonomous safety device. We have been doing that for over 70 years and know how to make sure it works: our break-action mechanism (BAM).


AC Capacitors for High Frequency Filters

It is the perfect evolution of our renowned E62-3ph series: E62-3HF answers the growing demand for single and three-phase AC capacitors that can absorb AC currents in the kHz range.


High-End Capacitors for the Heart of your AC Filter

The E62-3ph capacitors stand out by their high AC-voltage load capacity. Thanks to their construction, they have a very low series resistance and a small self-inductance.

Cylindrical Capacitors for High Surge Currents


AC Power Capacitors

We have come up with a simple but effective – and very reliable – solution for high-voltage applications: even in the 50kV range, we can do without expensive ceramic insulators.

E93 DSC™

Surge Protection Capacitors in Dry Technology

They are as different as they look: instead of the conventional oil, we fill solid resin into our surge capacitors.


Low-inductance AC capacitors

For AC-applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents which require short current paths and strong terminals.

Rectangular AC-Capacitors



Box-shaped AC capacitors with large capacitance and heavy current ratings, in robust and vibration-proof housings, custom-tailored to match your individual requirements.


No Oil. Not the only thing to worry less about.

Dry-type resonating capacitors for 50/60Hz induction furnace equipment.