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They are filled with vegetable oil, nitrogen or solid resin, most of them have their own safety mechanism, their capacitance ranges from a few micro- to several dozen millifarads.
Our AC capacitors with SecuMet™ metallization are famous for their durability and safe operation.

Install and forget.

Cylindrical Capacitors with Overpressure Switch


Universal AC/DC capacitors with Internal Safety Device

As a rule, AC capacitors should be protected by an autonomous safety device. We have been doing that for over 70 years and know how to make sure it works: our break-action mechanism (BAM).


AC Capacitors for High Frequency Filters

In AC filters, capacitors face significant current and voltage stress. Optimized design minimizes power losses and the resulting thermal load, even in the Kilohertz range.

E68 Mesis®

Proven principle. Re-thought.

Cool: Our new filter capacitor is reliably secured even with rigid connections. Overpressure protection, but different this time.

Cylindrical Capacitors for High Surge Currents


AC Power Capacitors

We have come up with a simple but effective – and very reliable – solution for high-voltage applications: even in the 50kV range, we can do without expensive ceramic insulators.

E93 DSC™

Surge Protection Capacitors in Dry Technology

They are as different as they look: instead of the conventional oil, we fill solid resin into our surge capacitors.


Low-inductance AC capacitors

For AC-applications with high frequencies and powerful surge currents which require short current paths and strong terminals.

Rectangular AC-Capacitors



Box-shaped AC capacitors with large capacitance and heavy current ratings, in robust and vibration-proof housings, custom-tailored to match your individual requirements.


No Oil. Not the only thing to worry less about.

Dry-type resonating capacitors for 50/60Hz induction furnace equipment.