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Selection by Application

The following selection of capacitor applications is based on the practical experience of our many customers.
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Fields Of Application

Traction converters

Auxiliary converters

Railway substations

Urban transport

Hybrid drives





Power factor correction

Active harmonic filters

Passive harmonic filters

Wind power generators

Solar inverters



Energy storage

Medium voltage converters

Welding equipment

Induction heating 50/60Hz


Pulse generators

High/Medium Frequency generators

Magnetizing equipment

Filters (broadband, line, sinus)

HV test and measuring equipment



Pumps, ventilation, asynchronous motors

Frequency controlled drives

Fluorescent/gas discharge lighting

Flash light generators


UPS, standby power supplies

Household applications

Product data base

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Please note that, for technical reasons, our database can only be updated once a day. Therefore, the information about our stock quantities needs to be confirmed by our sales teams. Occasionally it may happen that the goods have been sold in the meantime.