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World‘s first liquid-free MV capacitor, with self-healing dielectric.

And the matching reactors.
And even our surge suppression capacitors are dry!

This makes things different.

Medium Voltage Components


MSD™ Medium Voltage Capacitors

No liquids, and no asymmetries thanks to their self-healing dielectric.


Detuning reactors for Medium Voltage Capacitors

Harmonic distortion is a key issue not only in low voltage, but also medium and high voltage Power Factor Correction. The installation of detuning reactors helps to protect capacitor installations from dangerous and devastating resonances by preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains.

E93 DSC™

Surge Protection in Dry Technology

Who said it had to look like a surge capacitor? Thanks to its large clearance and creepage distances and its dry design, the DSC allows for planning in a completely new way.

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