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Detuning Reactors for Medium Voltage Capacitors

“Lightweight” and handy: wouldn’t a clever combination of three small single-phase reactors be much better than struggling with a huge, three-phase “monster”?

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Harmonic distortion is a key issue not only in low voltage, but also medium and high voltage Power Factor Correction. The installation of detuning reactors helps to protect capacitor installations from dangerous and devastating resonances by preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains. At the same time, it reduces the overall level of harmonic distortion in the mains.

With FKD-MVTM, we are now expanding our long-year experience in making reactors for low-voltage PFC to the field of medium voltage up to 10kV. The low-loss reactors which are made of aluminium windings on iron cores, are optimized for use with our MSDTM capacitors.

Each reactor is formed by a set of three compactly sized single phase units; that makes handling easier during mounting and maintenance and opens interesting options for allocation and dimensioning of your equipment. This discrete reactor design has obvious advantages in mains with unsymmetrical power and harmonic load where the unsymmetrical flux in three phase reactors would cause inductance fluctuations resulting in resonances and substantial stress for capacitors and reactors.

Connection is made through copper terminals which are reliably linked with the winding.

Available in the power range of 75 to 250kvar, for rated mains voltages of up to 10kV.