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Focus on Railway Business: Certified to IRIS

Certified to ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS)

Like all industries whose products deal with the transportation of people, the rail industry pays strict attention to the enforcement of product safety along the supply chain. Its industry standard ISO / TS 22163 ("IRIS") is based on the specifications of the globally recognized standard for quality management systems, DIN EN ISO 9001. IRIS focuses on the preventive improvement process. It pays particular attention, on the one hand, to avoiding errors in production and the supply chain, on the other hand to maintaining and continuously improving product quality, including its safety aspects.

Our company faced this challenge as early as 2017 and is now one of the slightly more than 2100 companies worldwide that are certified according to the international railway standard. How well and comprehensively we meet the expectations of our customers and business partners with regard to the quality and safety of our products is told by our assessment, which we have been able to strengthen and improve over the past few years in the global comparison with other certified companies.

  • IRIS

    ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS Rev.03)
    Quality Management System approved by DQS acc. to International Railway Industry Standard