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Low Voltage Power Factor Correction

Our main catalogue for components of power factor correction in low voltage mains comprises all essential parts which are crucial for the quality of your PFC equipment.
Also: check lists, instructions, flyers, safety information.

Medium Voltage Power Factor Correction

With ELECTRONICON components, your installation will simply be different. This is thanks to the special concept of our capacitors and reactors. In our catalogue, you find perfectly matched components for your application.
Further: checklists, flyers, safety information.

AC and DC Capacitors for Power Electronics

At ELECTRONICON, the colour Green stands for everything that is related to power electronics. Find the most up-to-date versions of all „green“ catalogue brochures related to capacitors HERE.
Also: instructions and safety information.

ELR Line Reactors

Line reactors. One of our younger product ranges, hence just a small download. For use in power electronics, hence – green.

Application Notes and General Information

Definitions, formularies, calculation examples, regulations and instructions that are relevant for our product ranges.


Approval Certificates and ISO certificates.

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The „small prints“, rules, general Information.