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name of the term: Coating


Metallizing, coating: A thin self-healing mixture of zinc and aluminium is deposited directly on one side of special capacitor film (usually polypropylene, "PP") under vacuum. The consistency of this metal layer is very important for the self-healing ability of the capacitor. ELECTRONICON has developed its own special Know-How in this technology since the early 1970s. Voltage and current strength as well as self-healing ability of the capacitor film can be controlled by variation of thickness, consistency and structures of the brought-on metal layers. While it was quite popular in the 1990s to use segmented film (the metal deposits on the film are sub-divided into segments), ELECTRONICON abandoned this outdated technology several years ago and is now applying a variety of schemes with varying coating thickness, combining highest self-healing reliability with superior current strength and long stability of capacitance.