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MKPg (275)

MKPg™/MKP™ with original CAPAGRIP™-terminal

Lightweight and clean: Our gas-filled MKPg capacitors combine state-of-the-art design with environmentally sound technology. Now even more compact.

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With our long year know how and first-class production facilities, we are manufacturing capacitors in two basic technologies: MKP and MKPg™. In MKP capacitors, the winding elements are surrounded by poison-free vegetable oil, in MKPg™, capacitors, they are immersed by neutral insulation gas.
When designing our product ranges, we focussed on the best possible technical features combined with eco-friendliness and operational safety, using special metallizing patterns, our SINECUT slitting technology and optimized winding geometries. Besides excellent ratio of capacitance to volume, our power capacitors distinguish themselves by high AC-voltage load capacity and outstanding suitability for high rms and surge currents. Unlike some of our competitors who proudly quote fantasy ratings, we have really tested our capacitors to their rated values, allowing for sufficient reserves and guaranteeing flawless operation within the specifications.

Our capacitors are well-suited for all conventional applications in power factor correction, and can - if required - be adapted to your most critical and toughest requirements. They all have a self-healing dielectric and are provided with an irreversible overpressure disconnector (break-action mechanism, " BAM ").

Safe and reliable connection is guaranteed by our original CAPAGRIP™ capacitor terminal in the three sizes K, L and M. Having been copied by numerous competitors all over the world, our terminal has become a kind of standard for PFC capacitors. Be warned, however, of cheap copies which may be optically identical, but lacking the reliable grip of the original CAPAGRIP™.

Technical layout, testing and application accord to IEC60831 and UL810

Available in the range from 1.25 to 50kvar, for rated voltages of up to 1000Vrms/1400Vac.

All MKPg Types listed in the catalogue can be supplied in identical shape as MKP version with oil-filling.