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GA85 Mesis® (E67)

The first of their kind, worldwide.

The further optimization of our climate-proof GA85 series has paved the way to even more capacitance per volume and less self-inductance. But the best thing about it: the world's first, really functioning overpressure protection device for DC link capacitors.

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The first low-inductive capacitor with safety device. That’s a first.

The DC-link capacitors of our new GA85 E67 series are characterized by a particularly low self-inductance and low-loss design and therefore ideally suited for high-current DC-links with high switching frequencies. In the version with two connections, self-inductances of less than 40 nH can be achieved even with large capacities in a can height of 280mm, and even <20nH with two crosswise arranged terminals. In a combination of several units, low values can be achieved which were unthinkable before .

As with the capacitors in our GA85 E66 series, the E67 capacitors are tightly sealed by metallic cans and lids and are therefore excellently shielded against environmental influences such as moisture or contamination by harmful substances. Temporary condensation on these capacitors is just as permissible as IEC type tests under extreme conditions with 85% RH at 85°C. The tightly sealed housing also meets the requirements of hazard level HL3 according to railway standard EN 45545 (fire behaviour of materials and components).

The E67s are the world's first capacitors to be equipped with our innovative Mesis® overpressure protection. Just like our BAM fuses, which have been tried and tested over many years, this fuse responds mechanically to the internal pressure increase usually associated with the failure of film capacitors. However, Mesis® manages without an external extension of the housing. The capacitor can be firmly installed and connected to rigid, low-inductance bus bars without impairing the function of the fuse. The signal of the overpressure protection can be used on site or at a central detection system for the immediate shutdown of one or several affected capacitors.

This combination of particularly low self-inductance, shielding against environmental interference and reliable protection in the event of malfunctions is unique. In conjunction with the proven long-term stability of our SecuMet metallization, this makes GA85 E67 Mesis® the ideal capacitor for safety and life-time sensitive applications, such as railways, marine and offshore installations.