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Directly Onto Bus Bar or PCB

Directly onto the busbar of your SiC buffer circuit. Minimized inductance and amazing current ratings, combined with the know-how from our PK16™.

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Minimized inductance plus direct mounting on printed circuit board or busbar

Our advanced know-how in special capacitor film coating, combined with many decades of practical experience in designing and manufacturing capacitors have allowed us to develop this range with its numerous advantages over electrolytic capacitors:

  • superior voltage and current strength
  • dramatic increase in operational life
  • minimized power dissipation losses, self-inductance and series resistance
  • exact manufacturing tolerances
  • elimination of sharing resistors

Thanks to their particularly low self-inductance and the possibility of direct mounting between busbar and heat sink, our capacitors of the E61 and E53-H are ideally suited for the high operating frequencies of modern SiC circuits. With continuous current ratings of up to 75A, they will certainly match the high challenges of your buffer circuit.

In addition, E61 makes the efficiency of our highly reliable PK16 technology accessible to DC links with lower power, where the capacitors can be integrated directly into the circuit board.

Inside the can made of self-extinguishing plastic, the capacitor element is enclosed in solid resin (PUR). Connection is made through robust, female M6 terminals (E61-P5, E53-H2), M8 studs (E53-H1) or pins that are suitable for circuit boards (E61-P3).